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What makes CIP-137401 Different and Unique

Our approach is simple, uncomplicated. With our expertise in medicinal chemistry and molecular modeling, we understand drug design, and we understand how to build molecules that are unique, and drug-like.

We are fascinated by macrocycles. Nature has already given us many such molecules that are being used as drugs. Not as complicated as large biomolecules, they do impart certain characteristics which are very favorable in a drug molecule.

We applied our technology to MEK1/2 kinase as a target. MEK kinase is a validated target and inhibitors of this target have application in cancer, and some of the debilitating rare diseases. With our macrocycle concept and with the help of computational modeling, we designed a series of compounds. CIP-137401, the lead molecule we chose for further development, has exhibited exceptional drug like properties and is moving along to be tested in clinical trials.

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About Us

AlloMek, founded in 2011, is a privately held orphan disease-focused company, developing therapeutics for catastrophic cardiomyopathy (based on discovery by Dr. Worman’s group at Columbia University) and congenital muscular disease for which there are no disease-modifying treatments, caused by LMNA genetic mutations (laminopathies). In parallel, the Company plans to pursue other MEK-associated orphan diseases, specifically, Neurofibromatosis Type 1 and Noonan Syndrome. AlloMek’s lead compound, CIP-137401, is a unique, proprietary, macrocyclic small molecule MEK kinase inhibitor, it has demonstrated powerful proof of concept (POC) in a well-established mouse model of Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy caused by LMNA gene mutations. CIP-137401 can potentially be used as a single agent and in combination with other treatment options to enhance clinical response.

AlloMek Therapeutics was formed to develop, and out-license, a novel class of MEK inhibitors represented by the lead compound CIP-137401.
CIP-1374 was discovered by Cheminpharma, LLC team. All intellectual property and rights related to CIP-1374 were transferred from Cheminpharma to AlloMek Therapeutics. AlloMek is a virtual company that relies on high quality Contract Research Organizations to execute experiments to further the development of its MEK program.

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