Josep Brugada, MD PhD

FACC Member, SAB Board

Dr. Brugada is a world-renowned cardiologist at the Hospital Clinic Barcelona at University of Barcelona. Dr. Josep Brugada, along with his brothers Pedro and Ramon identified Brugada Syndrome. Brugada Syndrome is a hereditary disease that is characterized by abnormal electrocardiogram findings and which increases the risk of sudden cardiac death. Dr. Brugada has over twenty years of experience in the treatment of arrhymias and sudden death. He has published 400 original articles and 10 books and has made over 450 presentation. Dr. Brugada is a scientific director at the Spain based foundation “FUNDACION ANDRES MARCIO” who’s focus is laminopathies including congenital muscular dystrophy. Dr. Brugada has chaired the European Heart Rhythm Association and is heading electrophysiology and arrhymias in the European society of cardiology’s science committee.