Professor Howard Worman, M.D.

Columbia University Chair, SAB Board

Dr. Worman is a Professor of Medicine and Pathology and Cell Biology at Columbia university. After doing his MD and an internal medicine residency at University of Chicago, and postdoctoral fellowship with Gunter Blobel at the Rockfeller university, Dr. Worman’s major research focus has been on the nuclear lamina and nuclear envelop. In 1993, his group characterized LMNA, the gene encoding the A-type nuclear lamins, mutations inn which cause a broad range of diseases often called “laminopathies”. In 2007, his group discovered that activities of MAP kinase are abnormally increased in hearts of mice with an Lmna mutation corresponding to one that causes cardiomyopathy and muscular dystrophy in human subjects. Besides his research, Dr. Worman has been active in the nuclear envelop and muscular dystrophy research fields. He has served as MDA’s medical advisory committee, the NIH mechanisms of Muscular Dystrophy Topic group, the NIH action plan for the Muscular Dystrophies mechanisms of Muscular Dystrophy working group and the NIH nuclear and cytoplasmic structure/ function and dynamics study section.