Uday Khire, PhD MBA

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Khire is a scientist and an entrepreneur with international business experience. Dr. Khire co-founded AlloMek Therapeutics in 2011 based on discovery of novel macrocyclic MEK kinase inhibitor at Cheminpharma LLC, a drug discovery services company, founded by him. Prior to founding Cheminpharma in 2007, Dr. Khire worked as a senior scientist at Bayer Research Center. He played a key part in the discovery of “Nexavar”, a first in class B-Raf kinase inhibitor (MAP/ERK pathway) which has been approved as a first line therapy for a treatment of kidney and liver cancers. Dr. Khire did post-doctoral research at Purdue University under guidance of Late Prof. H. C. Brown, a Nobel laureate in chemistry. Dr. Khire did another postdoctoral research at University of California, Irvine, where he worked on total synthesis of challenging molecule, roflamycin, a polyol polyene macrocycle, wherein, he developed interest in macrocycles. Prior to his post-doctoral position Dr. Khire received his PhD from National Chemical laboratory in India. Dr. Khire earned his MBA from New Jearsey based Fairleigh Dickinson University. Dr. Khire is fascinated by macrocycles and potential of these large cyclic compounds in various therapeutics areas.